Danielle (reflectmysoul) wrote in lovesneverwrong,

Opinions needed!! (also my first post on here)

I am working on a concept for a website. The idea is that it will be for the promotion of GLBT equality, but I want it to include much more than that. Really what I want to do is include resources about what religion (not just Christianity, but religion in general) says.. show what those out there who are against those of are saying (ie Westboro Baptist Church that formed the godhatesfags.com website or the religious right extremists of other denominations).. and I want to offer the opportunity to do things in the GLBT community to help get things done. I'd also like to keep the everyone informed on current events (good and bad), as well as past events of the last few decades (or even further back), to give perspective to the roots of the movement. I'd like to present all the information I have on the psychological perspective on homosexuality and transgenderism. And I'd like to present the information I have on gender studies.

However, I need your help. I need to know what is relevant to you and what you want to see in a website that you don't already see. I want you to tell me what sorts of things you'd like to see done in your community or things you'd like to do to help out, if you had the right opportunity. I want this to be a website about the people who are concerned. So tell me, what do you want see everyone? Give me any and all opinions and perspectives.. good, bad or indifferent. I don't care if you think that it's a stupid idea or a great idea, I want to hear them all. :)

And don't think you have to be gay to reply! I want all perspectives and ideas! Just message me and let me know.. or if you'd prefer, IM me at Rei13wolf or drop me an email at minako13_wolf@yahoo.com.

Take care all and thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Also, if anyone would like to help me out, please lemme know!


Also as this is my first entry on here.. I just wanted to say hi to everyone! :)
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