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OK, I finally did it. I came out to the people on the public part of my LJ. Close friends have known for quite a while, but I have kept others in the dark until now, including my mother who has access to my LJ.

I wrote the following in my LJ....

OK....So there are some of you who already know this....Now it is time for me to let everyone else in on it. This is something that is incredibly personal, and very emotional for me. If you don't have anything supportive to say, please don't say anything at all.

My partner, Laura, is transgendered. She has felt since she was a child that she should have been born male. She now knows that there is something she can do about it, and is in the process of doing it, with the assistance of a doctor, and therapy with a certified Gender Therapist. This means that she is going through hormone therapy to be male. She is also having her name legally changed. From this moment, I will be referring to her as Liam, and by exclusively male pronouns. He is "passing" as male 100% out in public now. This has made things much easier on both of us...we can walk down the street holding hands, and no one ever looks twice. They never really did, but we were concerned that we could run into problems.

I know that there are some of you who will never understand how I could have left my biological male husband, who is an amazing man and was a wonderful husband and father, and who I hope will always be my friend. I cannot explain a lot of it, as it is intensely personal and private. I am sorry if this makes some people uncomfortable, or makes them feel as if I am hiding something, all I can say is that I hope they will understand and respect our privacy as far as the inner workings of our relationship go. Liam is very good to me, and we love each other very much, I hope that is enough for those of you who love me.

I know that there are also going to be questions about how I identify....THAT I CAN clear up. I still ID as queer, but I will be living as a straight female in a traditional straight relationship, as far as our neighbors will be concerned. Only people that we know and trust, as well as those who have known Liam when he was female, will know any different. For those of you who were concerned about how I would handle life living as a lesbian, or concerned about my safety living as lesbian in a small town, you can stop worrying.

I was very proud of him last night....We were at a group that he has attended for almost a year now, a group that is exclusively for women. He spoke to the group, letting them know about his transition and telling them that he would not be attending the group anymore, but that he still would like to see them all in other places as they have all become very important to him.

As I said, I was incredibly proud of him, for the courage that he showed in opening up to these women. I was proud to be sitting there, holding his hand and being known as the partner of such a courageous and dignified man. Every one of those women were supportive of him....and of me. They said that we BOTH have courage for going through this in such an insular environment, and that they were very proud of us both. I am still going to be attending the group, as I have found friends there, and I promised to keep them apprised of how he is doing.

I have a feeling that I may need a lot of support in these groups in the next couple of days.....
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